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Custom Resonators

Just like a muffler, the resonator is an integral part of a vehicle. Both have their own distinctive properties and both perform their respective performances. Although both are quite similar, some differences are there.

What is a resonator?

A custom resonator is a device or system that usually remains installed in the exhaust system. It’s installed after the catalytic converter and before the muffler. This particular device cancels out a limited range of sound frequencies.

Technically, the resonator and the muffler work together. And how is that? The resonator prepares the engine sound to come out, while the muffler does its work by controlling it. So, the resonator helps the muffler in reducing the engine sound level in its own way.

Should you replace a damaged resonator?

The right answer would be, yes, you must replace the resonator of your car when essential. Maximum vehicles are equipped with exhaust systems along with mufflers, custom resonators, and other components along with it. And you should replace the resonator or any other components of the car if they stop functioning properly.

When you should replace the resonator?

You can replace the resonator when repairing the exhaust system. That would be a suitable time to inspect the entire car and replace or repair the parts that are necessary. And you must replace and install a resonator when your car was already equipped with a resonator. It’s worth the extra cost to add a resonator in the exhaust system.

When to call the experts?

If you notice anything wrong with the car, you should have it inspected by hiring an expert and repair replace the components that are necessary. You must make sure to work with certified and experienced experts to receive quality services to make your investment worthwhile.

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